Real peace does not need separation walls, checkpoints and humiliation, according to a new statement by the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy, Miftah.

The Initiative reported that the basic principle of peace is having a partner, and dealing with this partner with respect.

The Initiative quoted Avram Shalom, the previous head of the Israeli Shabak (internal security police), telling the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, on November 14, 2003, that Israeli actions are conflicting with the real desire to achieve peace, and that if the Israeli government does not understand the Palestinian demands, feelings and suffering, there can never be real peace in the area.

“We are acting like barbarians, yes there is not other word to describe it, these barbarian actions are the outcome of the occupation”, Avram added.

The Initiative quoted the statements of Shalom which were made during an interview with three heads of the Shabak.

“The current situation in the region only escalates violence, hatred, and animosity which might explode at any moment”, Avram stated.

Shalom added that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is dealing with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas as one of his employees, and that the acts of Sharon are harming the Palestinian people, who are seeking real peace, freedom and dignity as any other nation in this world.