The Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei described the meeting of the central committee of Fatah as positive and successful, saying that some errors have been fixed, Palestine News Network Reported on Saturday.

The meeting is being held in the Jordanian capital of Amman for the third day, in which Fatah leaders discussed political and organizational issues.

The Fatah leaders decided to reinforce national unity among the different Palestinian factions.

Qurei said that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be heading to Damascus to meet Secretary General’s of the Palestinian factions based in Syria, following trip to Libya to attend the African Summit.

Abbas will discuss with the factions leaders ways to implement the Cairo talks held earlier in March.

Qurei also denied reports about a conflict between the committeemen saying that they are “comrades of a long walk”, asserting that basic issues have been decided upon especially holding the six Fatah’s convention and the Palestinian Ambassadors issue.

There was a dispute between the Palestinian Authority and the head of the political department in the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) on responsibility to assign ambassadors.

The leadership is mulling adding a Vice President’s post the committee will recommend this to the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) for approval.