Saturday morning, al-Quds brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for detaining an explosive near a military jeep close to Atzmona settlement, south of the Gaza Strip

The brigades released a statement reporting that a 30kgm explosive charge was detonated near the jeep, and that the operation was fimled, and will be delivered to the media. 

The Israeli army did not comment on the statement.

The brigades added that this operation comes in retaliation to the continuous military attacks, and the wide scaled arrests carried out against members of the movement in the West Bank.

Also, the brigades added that this operation is also in retaliation of the failed assassination attempt carried out recently against members of abu al-Reesh brigades in Gaza.

The failed assassination attempt was carried out June 21, 2005, and only ten minutes after the opening of summit between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

A senior aide to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said such air strikes may continue during Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip if Palestinian resistance attacks continue – even if it means ‘major collateral damage’.