Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons decided con conduct hunger strike on Sunday July 3, 2005, in solidarity with 14 detainees confined to solitary in Ohaly Qidar, Eshel, and Asqalan prisons.

The Palestinian Prisons Society, PPS, reported that the 14 detainees were confined to solitary four years ago, and remained there,  which is considered a direct violation to the international law.

The detainees are identified as:

In Ohaly Qidar detention in Bir Shiva;

1. Jamal abu al-Haija.

2. Abdullah Barghouthi.

3. Ahmad Shukri.

4. Ya’coub Hamad.

5. Nizar Ramadan.

In Eshel detention in Bir Shiva;

1. Hasan Salama.

2. Ahmad al-Moghrabi.

3. Mazin Malsa.

4. Mahmoud Issa.

5. Mohammad Ahmad Saleh.

6. Hani Jaber.

Asqalan detention;

1. Mousa Doudin.

2. Mohammad Jaber Abdo.

3. Mo’taz Hijazi.


The detainees appealed the Palestinian organizations and institutions to interfere on the local and international levels to end their suffering.

Also, the detainees said that Palestinian factions cannot be committed to the truce while they are still in detention and solitary facing daily humiliation by the Israeli soldiers.

“Solitary detention is slow death, it is causing very negative effects on the physical and physiological health of the detainees, while they are placed in small, cold cells, and subjected to daily violations and abuse”, the PPS said.