Wednesday evening, an Israeli military source reported that dozens of settlers of Homesh settlement, in the West Bank, clashed with Israeli soldiers and took over an army bulldozer preventing the soldiers from conducting work related to disengagement.

The source did not report injuries on arrests, adding that tension was very high after the settlers protested against disengagement.

Soldiers arrived at the settlement on Wednesday morning, and found a crowd of 100 settlers of Homesh and Sa-Nur settlements present at the site, and sat in front of the bulldozers preventing the army from conducting any work.

Troops retreated several hours later; settlers claim that the army promised to negotiate with them on Thursday; army claims that the settlers agreed to back off after soldiers explained to them that they were building a tower.

Settlers threatened of more violence saying that “the army has not heard the last from them”.

“We will not help the army in any way as soldiers are preparing to evict us”, the settlers said.

Over the last several weeks soldiers widely deployed in the area in order to widen roads leading to settlements and allow access for big vehicles during the evacuation process.

Settlers’ rabbis said on Wednesday that they are slated to hold an emergency meeting at Homesh settlement, and are expected to present plans to counter and prevent what was described as expulsion.