Al-Quds martyrs’ brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for firing at military posts near Morag settlement in the Gaza Strip, and added that the fighter who was killed in the attack is one of its members.

The fighter, identified as Ahmad Shihab, 20, was killed after exchanging fire with the army near the settlement, another fighter was injured while a third fighter managed to escape unharmed.

According to Israeli military sources, soldiers spotted the armed group and fired at them.

The group intended to fire homemade shells at the settlement when they were spotted by the army, a Palestinian source reported.

The brigades said that the attack was carried out in retaliation to the continuous military operations against resistance fighters, and the massive arrests carried out in the Palestinian territories.

Fighter killed, another injured in the Gaza Strip

Wednesday at night, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian fighter, injured another, in al-Atatrah area, near Morag settlement, in the southern Gaza strip.

According to an Israeli military source, five resistance fighters infiltrated an area near Morag settlement in order to fire homemade shells at the settlement.

“Soldiers were operating in the area when the fighters opened fire at them, soldiers fired back killing one and injuring another” army source reported.

According to the Israeli online daily Haaretz, the Islamic Jihad told Reuters that one of its armed groups attacked the Morag settlement; the movement said that one of the members was injured, but did not comment on fatalities.