Wednesday afternoon, the Israeli police arrested several young Israeli right-wing women, who attempted to block central streets in Jerusalem during rush hour to protest the disengagement plan.

The Israeli police was on high alert after receiving information that pullout protestors are planning to block roads and hold protests against closing the Gaza Strip to non-residents.  

The closure was ordered by the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, on Wednesday morning; the Gaza Strip was declared a closed military zone to keep anti-pullout activists from flooding the Gaza Strip.

Also on Wednesday, the Israeli police raided offices for the Israeli far-right movement Bayit Leumi (National Home), after it organized several pullout protests and road blockings in the past, an Israeli police source reported.  

Also, one member of the movement was arrested after the police suspected that he intended to block roads.

The movement announced on Wednesday that it plans to close roads across the country every Monday and Wednesday, after the closure on the Gaza Strip was implemented.

The Israeli police also said that right-wing activists are suspected of planting a dummy bomb at a bus stop near Netanya, the Israeli coastal city which was targeted by a suicide bombing on Tuesday night, four Israelis were killed in the bombing.