A Palestinian resident of Nablus was killed by Israeli military fire after the military invaded the northern West Bank city late Wednesday night, a Palestinian security source reported.

The source identified the victim as Mohammad Assy, 27, a member of the Islamic Jihad movement.

The raid was in retaliation to this week’s Netanya suicide bombing, which left five Israelis dead, an Israeli military spokesperson said.

Soldiers surrounded a home where several members of the Islamic Jihad were hiding, according to the spokesperson.

“After surrounding the home for several hours, soldiers noticed several members attempting to escape,” he said. “Assy was spotted by a soldier who ordered him to stop, but he didn’t and the soldiers fired at him.”

Ten Palestinian residents were also arrested overnight in Nablus, Qabatia, Aseera al-Shimaliyya, abu Dis, Hebron and al-Thaheriyya, all in the West Bank. 

Also, one Palestinian officer, identified as Mohammad Fawzy Shihada, was killed on Wednesday after Israeli soldiers fired at a monitoring tower. Another policeman, identified as Misbah Hasan Ghanim was seriously injured.