Fifty-seven percent of the Israeli public says that “in retrospect” the starting of Jewish settlements in Gaza was a mistake, according to a survey released by the Herzog Institute for Media, Society and Politics, at Tel Aviv University. Meanwhile, thirty-seven percent found the move to be necessary.

Worth noting is that a bare majority (52%) believes that the establishment of the Jewish settlements in Gaza has had a negative impact on Israel’s security.

The Jerusalem Post remarks that Israeli support for the Gaza evacuation “would increase from 48% (versus 39% who oppose) to 52% if disengagement did not include settlements in northern Samaria” and that it “would rise to 63% if the pull out would have take place as part of an agreement with the Palestinians, and not as a unilateral action.”
The study, which was conducted by Dr. Yariv Zfati and Dr. Yoram Peri, also found that the Israeli public backs the plan even though they do not believe it will bring peace or put an and to terror attacks.