On Thursday at dawn Israeli soldiers invaded the villages of Yatta, al-Sammoa, and Beit Kahil, south and west of the West bank city of Hebron, and arrested two residents.

The WAFA news agency reported that at least 25 military vehicles and jeeps invaded Yatta village from several entrances and conducted military searches of homes, farmlands, and caves in the area.

The agency stated that soldiers arrested Bajes abu Sabha, 21, after breaking into his store and searching it.

Soldiers also conducted military searches of homes and stores in al-Sha’abeen, al-Baraka, al-Omariyya and al-Khanazeer neighborhoods after surrounding them and installing roadblocks at their entrances, thus barring the residents from entering or leaving the areas.

In the village of Beit Kahil, soldiers conducted military searches, and arrested Yousef Thiab al-Asafrah, 40, after breaking into his home.

Similar searches were conducted in al-Sammoa’ village, south of Hebron.

A source at al-Sammoa’ village council reported that soldiers interrogated several residents after breaking into dozens of homes and stores, though they did not make any arrests.