Israeli soldiers shot killed,a Palestinian youth, on Friday at night, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

An Israeli army source said on Friday, that a Palestinian gunman fired at the army in the area mildly injuring one soldier, “soldiers fired back killing a passerby who is unrelated to the attack”, army source added.

A medical source in Hebron reported that resident Ihsan abu Hamdiyya, 18 years old, was seriously injured in the shootout between the Palestinian gunman and Israeli soldiers in the area.

The army said that abu Hamdiyya is not related to the shooting incident, and that he was just a “passerby”, who was in the area at the time of the shooting which occurred near Romano settlement.

Hamdiyya was seriously injured and succumbed to his wounds at a Hebron hospital. The injured soldier was transferred to a hospital in Jerusalem; another soldier was hit by bullets but his protective vest absorbed the impact.


According to an initial probe conducted by the army, a Palestinian gunman approached an army post and opened fire at soldiers manning it before escaping towards the old city of Hebron.

The army initiated a wide-scaled search in the area in an attempt to arrest the Palestinian gunman.