Israeli soldiers fired on Friday afternoon, at a peaceful procession against the Separation Wall in Bel’in, west of Ramallah; six residents were injured, and five others were arrested.

A local source in Bel’in reported that soldiers fired gas bombs, concussion grenades and rubber-coated bullets at hundreds of residents, Israeli and international peace activists who were protesting against the wall.  

Samir Burnat, member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bel’in, said that soldiers used their clubs against the protestors and detained thirty locals, Israeli and international activists; at least 500 protestors participated in the protest. 

Soldiers chased the protestors until the center of Bel’in while firing at them, six residents were injured, one seriously, and five internationals, including a cameraman working with the French Press Agency.    

An Israeli source reported that Sheikh Yousef Hamdan, one of Hamas leaders in the West Bank, participated for the first time in the protest.

Shai Carmeli Pollak, an Israeli documentary director, who documents the protests against the Wall in Bel’in, said that that he was attacked and detained by an Israeli military officer when he was filming soldiers attacking several residents after detaining them.

Pollack added that he kept filming the soldiers while attacking him and dozens of protestors; the army refused to comment on the incident.

It is worth mentioning that a video captured by Pollack several weeks ago, was the proof which cleared charges against resident Abdullah abu Rahma several weeks ago.

Soldiers claimed that abu Rahma hurled stones at them, but the video captured by Pollack proved that the soldiers lied in their testimonies.

Last week, soldiers arrested Abdullah abu Rahma, the coordinator of the Popular Committee in Bel’in.