Palestinian detainee Manal Ghanim demanded international humanitarian organizations to intervene for her release, in consideration that her child, Nour, will be two years old in two months, and thus will be taken out of detention in accordance with Israeli law.

Lawyer Rafeeq Mojahid, from the Al-Haq institute, visited detainee Ghanim in Telmond Hasharon detention.

Ghanim told Mojahid that her child does not know anybody except his mother, since he was born after she was arrested and has remained with her since his birth.

Ghanim added that her child has had a medical operation and requires a further operation which has not been conducted.

“I want to be with him, take care off him, and provide him with everything he needs,” Ghanim said, “I am really under tremendous psychological pressures; I have to be freed with my baby.”

Her lawyer, Mojahid, also met with detainees Amnah Mona and Lina Jarbouna, the representatives of the detainees, who informed her of the bad conditions the detainees face.

“The soldiers are trying to degrade us, they insult us, and search us in a provocative way,” Mona said, “A soldier confined me to solitary isolation for ten hours, after I asked him to stop the humiliation, and insulted me”.

Mona told Mojahid that the temperature is very high in the rooms and soldiers refuse to provide them with cooling-fans, so that the detainees are forced to buy the fans themselves. though they are not always available.

“Sometimes a dentist comes to the detention,” Mona said, “but she doesn’t sterile her tools before using them” Mona added.

Mona also said that there is a urgent need of an ophthalmic physician since there are several detainees who are suffering from ophthalmic diseases.