An Israeli military source reported on Sunday that a Jewish settler and his wife were killed and three other settlers were injured, after three Palestinian gunmen ambushed and fired their vehicle near the Kissufim border crossing in the Gaza Strip.

The source said that Dov Cole, 58, and his wife Rachel Mizrahi-Cole, 53, were killed in the shooting and five others were injured, including the Gaza settlement council security chief.

The Islamic Jihad movement, the Popular Resistance Committees, and al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fateh claimed responsibility for the shooting. 

The three groups said that they are committed to the truce, but carried out the attack in response to the continuous Israeli military operations in the Palestinian territories.

Following the shooting, the Israeli army closed the Kissufim Road, which is the main route to the Gush Katif settlement Bloc.

According to Israeli army sources, Palestinian gunmen opened fire again as emergency vehicles from Israel’s Gaza Beach Regional Council were at the scene.

“Settlements security chief Ami Shaked was injured,” the army source reported, “soldiers fired back killing one fighter, and scanned the area for further fighters.”