Israeli soldiers, supported by 30 armored vehicles, invaded the West Bank city of Jenin, on Wednesday afternoon, killed one youth and injured al least seven other residents.

A local source in Jenin reported that soldiers conducted military searches of homes in al-Marah neighborhood, the eastern neighborhood and Iz Ed-Deen valley, in the center of Jenin, after using loud speakers to call the residents out.

The source stated the clashes erupted in the city between dozens of youth and the army; soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets and gas bombs at dozens of youth who hurled stones at the soldiers.

One youth, identified as Yoousef al-Hashees, 17, was seriously injured, and did of his wounds as Rafidia Hospital in Nablus. 

At least seven residents were injured during the clashes, while soldiers bulldozed farmlands and uprooted dozens of trees.

The injured residents were identified as Amir Jarad, 23, Rani abu Nahar, 21, Luay al-Shagheer, Shuja’ Balawi, Hilal al-Saadi, Saleh Abdullah, Baha’ Mahmoud, and Ahmad Hijazy.

Also, soldiers occupied rooftops of several homes after forcing each family in one room at their home for several hours, and used the homes as military posts.