Palestinian Prime Minister, Ahmad Qurei, said on Wednesday that the Palestinian Authority is ready to control the Palestinian areas following the Israeli withdrawal.

Qurei added that the P.A finalized all of the needed preparations to control the Palestinian areas after Israel implements its disengagement plan.

The statements of Qurei  came during a visit he conducted along with the Palestinian Minister of Interior, Nasser Yousef, to a Palestinian security camp in Gaza.

“The P.A will conduct its duties in the evacuate areas”, Qurei said, “We will control the Gaza Strip during and after the Israeli withdrawal”.

Also, Qurei added that the Palestinian security devices conducted all sorts of training, and prepared plans in order to ensure that the Israeli withdrawal is carried out in an organized and quiet way.

“We must conduct our utmost efforts to make this withdrawal and organized and peaceful procedure”, he said, “We have to make sure the occupation leaves our land without returning to it”.