Two Palestinian residents, from al-Sammoa’ village, near Hebron, were injured after soldiers attacked severely punched and clubbed them in Hebron, in two separate incidents.

A medical source at the Hebron governmental hospital reported that residents Fadi al-Ja’bary, 23, from Hebron, and Salah Ibrahim al-Shawamra, 35, were hospitalized suffering from concussions and fractions to several parts of their bodies. 

The source stated that al-Ja’bary was attacked by soldiers after stopping him near Keryat Arba’ settlement, east of Hebron.

Soldiers interrogated him near the settlement, severely punched and clubbed him .

Meanwhile, resident al-Shawamra sustained fractions in his right arm and concussions to several parts of his body after the soldiers detained and attacked him al-Karrassara area in Hebron while heading back home from work in Be’er Shiva.