Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmad abu al-Gheit, said that Israel and Egypt singed an official agreement to deploy 750 Egyptian troops on Gaza borders after the Israeli withdrawal.

Abu al-Gheit said that the agreement was reached during a meeting between Maj. General Amos Gilad, a senior official at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and head of the Egyptian intelligence, Omar Suleiman. 

The details of the agreement will be finalized in the coming weeks.

Also, abu al-Gheit said that the Palestinian factions should be united and committed to the Cairo agreement in order to achieve full control over the Gaza Strip following the Israeli withdrawal.

Abu al-Gheit met with Jebriel Rajoub, P.A National Security Advisor, on Monday at night, and discussed issues regarding the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

Rajoub stated that the P.A is conducting utmost efforts in order to make this withdrawal, from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank, the starting point of ending the occupation and establishing the Palestinian independent state.

Egypt will dispatch another specialized team to Gaza in order to assist the Palestinian Authority in reconstructing and reforming its civil and security devices in order to control the situation in the evacuated areas.