Israeli finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday his resignation from the Israeli government over his apposition to the pullout plan.

Netanyahu announced his resignation shortly before the Israeli cabinet voted and approved the first phase of the disengagement.

“We have reached a moment of truth”, Netanyahu wrote in a letter he placed on the cabinet table”, “withdrawal under fire is not the way to achieve peace and security”. 

Netanyahu recently voiced repeated criticisms over the disengagement plan, but rejected the right-wing calls that he should resign from the government in order to force a crises over this issue, an Israeli source reported.

“I will not be part of a government which ignores reality”, Netanyahu said, “This government is turning Gaza into a base for Islamic terrorism which threaten the state of Israel”. 

Also, Netanyahu described the disengagement plan as an “irresponsible” step which will endanger the Israeli security. “Returning to the 1967 borders in the future will endanger Jerusalem as well”, he said.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told his cabinet that the disengagement plan would be implemented on time without any delays, adding that he is ‘not concerned over those who vote against it’.