The mother of detainee Yousef Qandeel, from Jenin refugee camp, said that he is suffering of a deteriorating health condition as a result of medical neglect and bad living condition in Gilboa’ Israeli detention facility.

The mother said that she saw her son when he was sent to Salem Israeli military court, and clearly noticed that his health condition has seriously deteriorated.

Yousef is suffering from a disability in his left hand after sustaining several gunshot injuries is his hands and legs when he was arrested.

Israeli physicians who work with the Israeli Prison Authority decided that he needs several medical operations, but prison authorities did not authorize any of them, and placed him in Gilboa’ detention facility under harsh living conditions.

Also, the mother said that the court rejected an appeal filed by the lawyer to oblige the prison administration provide him with the needed medical treatment and extended his detention period until August 28, which is time or his trial.

The Israeli prosecution claims that Yousef is a member of the Fateh affiliated al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and that he is involved with the death of a settler in a shooting incident near Jenin,

The prosecution demands the court to sentence Qandeel to one life term.

The family of Qandeel called upon humanitarian organizations to pressure Israel to provide proper medical treatment to their son. 

The family was not allowed to visit their son since he was arrested “for security reasons”.