The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza released its weekly report documenting the Israeli violations and attacks in the Palestinian territories in the period between August 4 and August 10, 2005.

Two Palestinians, including on child, were shot killed by the army, nine residents, including three children were injured, and 45 residents were arrested over the last week.

The child was killed in Rafah on August, 7, 2005, after the soldiers shelled dozens of homes, while the other resident was killed in Nour Shams refugee camp, east of Tulkarem on August 8, 2005.

“The Israeli army continued its violations to the principles of Human Rights, the International Law and the Sharm al-Sheikh seize fire agreement arrived in February, 2005”, the center reported.

The violations included uprooting of Palestinian farmlands in order to construct the Separation Wall, in addition to land expropriation for settlement expansions in the West Bank.

Also, the army resumed its siege over the Palestinian territories, separating the cities from their surrounding villages, and restricted the movement of the residents in their own areas.

Repeated invasions were carried out in dozens of villages, and cities in the West Bank, dozens of homes were attacked and used as military posts and monitoring towers. The army used live ammunition against the residents and their homes during its invasions.

The number of invasions carried out over the last week arrived to 45 invasions in the Palestinian areas except Jericho.

Israel resumed the construction of the Separation Wall in the West Bank; dozens of Olive trees were uprooted in Beit Surik, north west of Jerusalem.

Israeli soldiers used excessive force against peaceful protests against the Wall in Bil’in village, west of Ramallah; four residents were injured, and eighteen Israeli and international peace activists were arrested.

Several residents were arrested while working in their own farmlands, near Qalqilia, after the soldiers closed them for the construction of the Wall.

Settlers resumed their attack against the residents and their properties; at least four attacks were reported in the West Bank and two in the Gaza Strip. The attacks included using live ammunition against the residents, two residents, including one child were seriously injured. 

Also, the settlers burnt a Palestinian home in al-Mawassi area in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip and attacked dozens of surrounding homes. 

Full report on the PCHR website