Tawfeeq abu Khousa, spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior said on Saturday at night that Israel will hand three settlements in the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority on Monday morning.

The three settlements are Morag, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, Kfar Darom, in the central Gaza Strip, and Netzarim, south of Gaza city.

Also, Abu Khousa added that Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousef and Israeli Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz are scheduled to meet in Tel Aviv Sunday for further preparations for Israeli Pullout from the Gaza Strip.

The ministry released a press release stating that the P.A will discuss a list of demands regarding cooperation between the two sides, in addition to allowing weapons and security equipment into the Gaza Strip.

Yousef issued his instruction to the Palestinian national security forces in order to raise their readiness to implement the security plan to cover the Israeli withdrawal.

“The ministry issued written and oral instructions to the Palestinian security devices and police to raise their readiness level to 100%”, ministry spokesman said, “these instructions are effective starting from today Saturday”.

P.A security men and police intensively deployed close to the three settlements. 

“Hundreds of well trained security officers had arrived at the town of Rafah”, Khousa said, “They were called to be ready to take ever any evacuated settlement”.