A local source in Tulkarem reported on Sunday, that soldiers supported by eight armored vehicles invaded Bal’a village, east of Tulkarem in the West Bank, and conducted military searches of homes.

The source stated that soldiers broke into the homes of Ahmad Mansour, head of Bal’a village council, Eyad al-Haj, Raed al-Haj, and Mahmoud abu al-Sayyed.

Soldiers forced the residents out of their homes, and conducted military searches, damage reported.

A resident of one of the attacked homes said that soldiers damaged the furniture, and threw the food and wheat on the ground, in addition to spilling the milk which the families were using to feed their children.

Also, soldiers hurled stones at dozens of homes, instead of knocking at the doors, before breaking into them.

Over the last few days, Israeli soldiers repeatedly invaded the village and conducted military searches, in addition to bulldozing farmlands, and damaging the infrastructure by bulldozing some streets, pavements and walls, in addition to destroying some electricity generators.

In a separate incident, soldiers invaded Iktaba and Zeita villages near Tulkarem, and al-Sha’rawiyya area, north of the city, and fired at dozens of homes, no injuries.

Also, soldiers closed several streets leading to the village and several surrounding villages, and barred the residents from crossing.