As hundreds of settlers started to evacuate from the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, thousands of Israeli police men closed the entrances of Gaza in a bid to bar pullout foes from entering the Gaza Strip, and disrupt the evacuation which is slated to begin Wednesday.

Over the last few weeks, around 5000 pullout foes managed to infiltrate into Gaza settlements and closed the gates of some settlements in a bid to bar the Israeli soldiers and police from entering these settlements.

There are about 8500 settlers living in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the pullout foes who managed to infiltrate.

Israeli Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi said on Sunday that the police are on full alert, and installed additional roadblocks south of the country to bar pullout foes from entering.

The police also plan to completely block the kissufim Crossing starting on Monday at night, completely isolating the Gaza Strip.

Following the full closure over the Gaza Strip, the army intends to isolate the settlements from each other.

32.000 Israeli soldiers, and 10.000 policemen, will officially the evacuation process, on Monday at dawn, in the Gaza Strip. This leaves 8.000 to 9.000 police men deployed elsewhere in Israel.

Karadi added that the police will not be conducting any special operation against “organized crimes”, or traffic accidents during the disengagement process.

Additional 5.000 Israeli soldiers will be available for emergency cases.

Starting on Monday morning, Israeli military officers and solders will start knocking on every door in the settlements telling the settlers that there presence is illegal and that they have 48 hours to evacuate before being forced out of the settlements.

On August 17, the presence of the settlers in the Gaza Strip will officially be considered as illegal, settlers who remain until that date will lose 30% of their evacuation compensation in accordance to the law which was approved by the Knesset.

Israeli soldiers and policemen have to perform their emergency duty, which means that each shift will be 12 hours a day, all vacations and weekend holidays will be cancelled until the end of the evacuation process.

The Israeli security estimates that half of the settlers will voluntarily leave the Gaza Strip on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Palestinian security men started deploying, on Sunday afternoon, in the areas which separates the Palestinian cities from the settlements in the Gaza Strip.

The deployments came following an agreement arrived on Sunday afternoon during a meeting between Palestinian and Israeli security officials, on Eretz Crossing in the Gaza Strip.

7.500 Palestinian security men are expected to be deployed in the area.