A Palestinian security source in Gaza reported that the Palestinian security forces completed their deployment around the settlements in the Gaza Strip.

General Jamal Kayed, head of the Palestinian Security Forces in the southern Gaza Strip, reported that the security men started their deployment on Sunday afternoon after specifying the exact locations of deployment.

“Sixteen units were deployed in the southern Gaza Strip”, Kayed said, “the units were followed by five additional units, including one Engineer Unit and three units of police, military police, and Brigade 17 in order to maintain law and order in the evacuated areas”.

The statement of Kayed came during a press conference held at his office in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Also, Kayed asked the residents not to rush into the evacuated settlements until the P.A security makes examines the settlements for any landmines or explosives which might be placed by the settlers. 

Meanwhile, the Palestinian ministry of Interior reported that the meeting which was held in Tel Aviv between the Israeli defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, and Palestinian Interior Minister Nassr Yousef, did not bring about any new developments regarding further clarifications concerning the pullout from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the west Bank.

The minister said that what is happening now in the settlements is not withdrawal; the army is still evacuating the settlers, and will remain in the settlements in order to demolish the homes.

7500 P.A security men to be deployed between settlements and P.A areas

Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

Palestinian and Israeli security officials met on Sunday at the Eretz Crossing, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, in order to coordinate the deployment of 7500 Palestinian security men around the settlements in the Gaza Strip, on Sunday evening, in preparation to the Israeli withdrawal.

A senior Israeli military source said that P.A security men will start deploying at 18:00 on Sunday while the Israeli army starts deploying in the settlements.

The Palestinian police was supposed to be deployed on Sunday morning, but Israel delayed the process after five Israeli soldiers were injured by “friendly fire”.

On Monday morning, thousands of Israeli army officers are to fan through all 21 Gaza settlements and four settlements in the West Bank, knocking on doors telling settlers they have until Tuesday midnight to leave on their own or be they will be forcibly evacuated.

Israeli might hand in the settlements of Moragh, Nitzarim and Kfar Darom to the P.A on Monday morning.

Also, Palestinian Interior Minister Nassr Yousef is expected to meet on Sunday evening in Tel Aviv, with the Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz.

The two ministers are expected to discuss issues regarding the Palestinian demands concerning further cooperation between the two sides, and the entry of equipment needed by the P.A police and security, which was delayed by Israel.

Jamal abu Zayed, head of the Palestinian security – Deputy Minister of Interior, and Moshe Kaplinsky, Deputy Chief of Staff of Israeli Army, also participated at the meeting.

P.A security started intensifying its presence close to the settlements, on Saturday evening in preparation of the evacuation of the Moragh, Nitzarim, and Kfar Darom settlements.

Also, hundreds of Palestinian security men arrived in Rafah in order to control the military camps and settlements which will be evacuated by the Israeli army.

A senior P.A security source reported that the security men received the needed training, and are ready to control the evacuated camps and settlements.

The source stated that an Egyptian security delegation is currently present in the Gaza Strip, in order to determine the main areas which the P.A security should deploy in and control. 

On Saturday evening, P.A military police conducted training in front of Canadian delegates visiting a P.A security camp in Rafah.