An Israeli military source reported on Tuesday that soldiers arrested two soldiers trying to ransack home in Pe’at Sadeh settlement in the Gush Katif settlement Bloc. This marks the third incident of soldiers caught while looting settlers’ homes this week.

The soldiers were caught by a female soldier while they were stealing pieces of silverware; the commander of the brigade was called and questioned them.

An Israeli army official said that the soldiers admitted their guilt; the military prosecutor ordered the military police to probe in the incident. 

On Sunday night, three soldiers from the Givati Brigade were caught while attempting to steal home appliances of evacuated in the Pe’at Sadeh.

Several settlers who evacuated their homes had to return in order to remove equipment they left behind, and complained that the saw other homes had been broken into and looted.

The three soldiers were caught by the Israeli Channel TV cameras while stealing a refrigerator in Pe’at Sadeh settlement.