Head of the Higher Elections Committee, Jamal Shobaky, said that the committee decided to postpone the local election in 27 areas out of 132 in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The decision was made after talks and consultations with the ministerial council and the minister of local government. The 27 areas are located in near settlements which are slated for evacuation under the disengagement plan.   

“As we all know, the army sealed off these areas and barred the residents from moving”, Shobaky said, “this will affect the election process; therefore we decided to delay the elections in these areas until the end of November”.

The end of November also marks the end of Ramadan holy Muslim month.

“The remaining 105 areas will conduct the elections on September 29, candidates can submit their candidacy paper between August 20 and 29”, Shobaky added.

Also, Shobaky added that the modifications to the lections law state that the elections will be held in accordance to the representation law, which was agreed upon during the Cairo talks between the Palestinian factions.

The Palestinian factions agreed during the meetings to conduct the municipal elections in accordance to the full representation law.