Israeli army Major General Dan Harel, the Higher Commander of the Disengagement, said on Tuesday evening, that the army will start the “forced evacuation” of Neveh Dekalim and other settlement in the Gaza Strip would begin by midnight.

“We will start to come to the settlers in the coming hours, especially in Neveh Dekalim and demand that they should leave”, Harel said, “We are now entering the forced evacuation stage”.

Harel added that soldiers will not use physical force at this stage; they will be entering Neveh Dekalim as well as other settlements soon.  

Midnight is the deadline for voluntary evacuation, currently a long line of tractors, trucks and armored bulldozers are along the Kissufim road until Netzer Hazani settlement, in the Gush Katif settlement Bloc.

Several busses filled with Israeli soldiers arrived at the crossing, and are preparing to enter the settlements in the coming hours, army source reported.