Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, vowed to avenge the shooting attack on Wednesday, carried out by a settler in Shilo settlement, killing three Palestinian workers.

Mosheer Al Masry, Hamas spokesperson said that this attack will not pass without retaliation.

“This crime will not pass without any retaliation”, Al Masry said, “A tough punishment is needed”.

Al Masry added that the movement will not retaliate immediately since it’s interested in seeing the Gaza pullout proceed.

Also, senior political Hamas leader, Sheikh Hasan Yousef, said that the Palestinian movements must reconsider the truce in light of the Shilo terrorist attack.

“We will respect the calm”, Yousef said, “but it can’t be one-sided, truce is could spin out of control as a result of these terrorist attacks”.  

Yousef also said that this incident is considered another crime “in the series of crimes carried out by the occupation and the settlers”.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority called on Israel to disarm the settlers, saying such attacks might be repeated against the Palestinian residents.

Palestinian Cabinet Minister, Dr. Saeb Erekat condemned the attack and called on the Israeli government to bring the assailant to justice immediately.