The Israeli Radio reported on Saturday afternoon that the Israeli defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, along with senior Israeli security officials, are slated to meet senior Palestinian officials on Sunday in an attempt to coordinate arrangements on borders, and the completion of the Gaza withdrawal.

The main conflict between the two sides appeared lately after Israel insisted to move the Rafah border crossing to Keren Shalom area, which is a border town between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinians rejected the Israeli demand saying that the movement of goods and people between Egypt and Gaza is a Palestinian-Egyptian issue; therefore, the Rafah border crossing should be under Palestinian-Egyptian control.  

Also, an Israeli source reported last week that the head of the Egyptian intelligence Omar Suleiman proposed last week, during his visit to Israel and the P.A, the that the Israeli-Palestinian supervision on the crossing should remain for a trial period of year, and then the two sides would agree on a permanent status.

Amos Gilad, head of the Political-Security Department at the at the Israeli Defense Ministry, said that the Egyptian border policemen will only be deployed on the Philadilphi Route, between Gaza and Egypt, and not all the Israeli-Egyptian borders which extends to from Rafah to Eilat.