Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that Israel opened recently a secret diplomatic trade mission in Dubai in the Arabic Gulf, which operates in accordance of preconditions set by the authorities there.

The mission was secretly opened after more than a year of extensive talks and meetings between senior officials of the two countries.

One of the Israeli delegates who headed the talks in Dubai at the beginning of 2005 was Nissim Bin Shitreet, vice-president of the Israeli Foreing Ministry, while another mission was headed by Ehud Kenan, the legal advisor of the Israeli Foreing Ministry.

Dubai is considered the capital of trade in the Arabic Gulf, which includes a wide Gold market, which sells gold and jewelry from several countries, including Israel.

Also, a senior Israeli source reported that the meeting held in Turkey between the Israeli Foreign Minister, and his Pakistani counterpart will lead to significant development in the Israeli-Pakistani relations, “which will lead to further relations with Arab and Islamic countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel yet”.   

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel is conducting secret talks with Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Al Bahren, Yemen and Kuwait.

Israel held continuous talks with Indonesia, and hopes to sign a trade agreement with the country, while morocco had diplomatic ties with Israel, and Israeli diplomatic mission until Al Aqsa Intifada started, then the two countries moved to secret ties, then developed into tourist ties.       

Also, Israel hopes to renew its ties with Tunisia after its office in the country was closed.

Talks between Libya and Israel started last year, but stopped later on after news concerning a meeting between an official of the Israeli foreign ministry and a senior Libyan official in Paris, were leaked.


In Oman, Israel had a diplomatic mission which was closed in 2000 after the outbreak of the Intifada; recently a senior Israeli official of the foreign ministry visited the country in order to hold talk for renewing ties.

The Israeli diplomatic mission in Qatar was not closed during the Intifada, but it reduced its activities; Israel believes that pullout from the settlements will cause a significant development of relations between the two countries.

Also, Israeli is conducting secret talks with Bahren, Yemen, and Kuwait.