An Israeli source reported that three ultra-Orthodox Jews, including a Canadian national, were arrested Sunday Shfa-Amr, an Israeli Arabs town, while they were hanging posters with pictures of the Jewish terrorist Eden Natan-Zada, who shot and killed four Arab residents of Israel after staging into a bus in early August, and opening fire.

The posters supported the terrorist act of Natan-zada, and slammed the police for “allowing the killing of the terrorist”, who was killed by the angry crowd following the shooting.

The arrested extremists are from Tapoah settlement, Holon and one from Canada. The three will be brought before the Acre Magistrate’s Court later Sunday, in order to have their remand extended.

Also, an Israeli police source reported on Sunday that the police received information about the slogans which had appeared in various places in Shfa-Amr. “Police vehicles combed the town and arrested four while hanging the posters”, the source stated.

Policemen removed the posters which were already hanged in the town, in a step said to reduce tension in the town.


Mohammad Barakeh, Hadash party chairman who lives in Shfa-Amr, slammed the Israeli security for “performing insufficiently, and their lack of interest in handling racism”.

“I do not want to imagine what would have happened if those extremists were caught by Shfa-Amr residents”, Barakeh said, “On the day of the massacre we said that the police knows the racist, and have their addresses”.