Israeli Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz on Tuesday instructed his soldiers on the road blocs in the West Bank to be very tough on Palestinians and to hold conduct a tough search to their passing vehicles, Israeli source reported.

‘Show no pity for anyone, even if it causes traffic holdups and anger,’ Mofaz told the commanders during a tour of the West Bank.

Mofaz regarded this procedure as a measure to ensure security for Israelis.

‘The security of citizens is paramount to everything else,’ he said.

He also indicated that Israel will focus its military efforts on the West Bank especially after the pullout from the Gaza Strip, and that he envisions new policies and regulations to counter entry of Palestinian to Israel. Mofaz’ ideas are pending approval by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.

Referring to violence against Palestinians and Israeli army forces by settlers, Mofaz spoke of ‘zero tolerance’ toward disturbances. He said, nevertheless, that new channels for talks with settlers should be found. He did not talk of new channels for talks to be found with the Palestinians.

Mofaz’s comments contradict claims by Israelis about intentions by the Israeli military to ease restrictions on the movement of Palestinian Civilians.

Palestinians already spend hours sometimes on roadblocks that separate West Bank villages, towns and cities from each other.  Therefore, it is expected that soldier’s behavior on the roadblocks and checkpoints will be harsher with such public statements by the minister of defense.