Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, that the Palestinian Authority will conduct utmost efforts in order to build the safe passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, in order to connect them and enable safe passage to the residents.

The statements of Abbas came after meeting with Palestinian security officers in Gaza, on Monday at dawn.

Also, Abbas said that there are several important withdrawal issues which should be resolved, namely the Palestinian detainees in Israeli detention facilities, settlements and the Separation Wall in the West Bank, borders, Jerusalem and the Palestinian refugees. 

“These are important issues which needs to be resolved, the Palestinians determined to achieve their rights”, Abbas said, “It is very important to create the safe passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank”.  

“We need to reconstruct the homes and facilities which were leveled and shelled by the Israeli army in Gaza, we will conduct wide economic reforms and reconstructions”, Abbas stated, “We have to reconstruct Gaza, the West Bank, and rebuild their economy; they are two inseparable parts of our country”.

Abbas also said that the P.A need Arab and International support in order to improve the economical situation in the Palestinian territories, and create projects to employ the Palestinians and fight poverty which is seriously increasing as a result of the occupation and its policies.

Commenting on the Israeli army withdrawal from Gaza, Abbas said that this is a historic moment, and one step towards liberation.

“The settlers left Gaza, and now soldiers are leaving it, for ever”, Abbas added.