Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister, Mohammad Dahlan, said that the Palestinian leadership understood that Israel does to intend to fulfill all of its obligations regarding a full withdrawal.

“Israel is making unacceptable demands regarding the Rafah Border Crossing, and closed it”, Dahlan said, “The Erez crossing between Gaza and Israel is not at its correct location of June. 4. 1967”

Israel dismantled most of its equipment in the Rafah terminal and closed it unilaterally, without negotiating with the Palestinian Authority, the P.A agreed that merchandise be transported through the Kerem Shalom terminal, and agreed to a have third party supervising the Rafah Crossing, “Yet, Israel preferred to act unilaterally”, Dahlan added.

Dahlan said that the temporary arrangements at the Kerem Shalom crossing are acceptable, “but the P.A cannot accept that the Palestinians will need to travel for a distance of 120 kilometers in order to request and attempt to obtain a permit from Israel to enter Gaza through the Erez Crossing”.

According to the current arrangements, Palestinians entering Gaza from Egypt must travel to Kerem Shalom in order to receive an official permit from Israel to enter the Gaza Strip, after that they must go to the Erez Crossing in order to enter the Gaza Strip.

Referring to the 27 synagogues in the Gush Katif settlement Bloc, Dahlan said that the P.A has decided to treat them as any other public buildings left behind in the settlements, and accused Israel of leaving the synagogues as a trap “to present the Palestinian people as uncivilized, and to justify future attacks by Israeli extremists against Muslim prayer places”. 

Also, Dahlan stated that Israel did not keep its commitments to dispose toxic waste in the Gush Katif, adding that at least 20% of the older homes demolished there contain asbestos. 

Meanwhile, the P.A intends to hold its central celebrations ion Gaza most likely on Tuesday, in Al Mawassi area in Khan Younis, and in the evacuated settlement of Neveh Dekalim, which is the largest settlement in the Gaza Strip. 

After the entry of Palestinian police in the evacuated settlements, and examining them for any explosives or mines which might be left behind, residents will be allowed to tour the settlements for several hours under police supervision.