Marwan Mu’asher, Jordan’s deputy prime minister, said on Monday that the Gaza Strip could turn into a big prison if Israel does not open all crossing points and bars the Palestinians from the freedom of movement.

Israel completed its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip on Monday morning, ending 38 years of military occupation, but without arriving to an agreement on the control of the Rafah Border Crossing.

The Rafah Border Crossing in the main gate for million residents in the Gaza Strip with the outside world.  

“Without the freedom of movement, we can’t talk about a comprehensive pullout and a full opening of crossing points”, Mu’asher said, “If this freedom is not achieved, the Gaza Strip will become a big prison”.

Also, Mu’asher reported that this withdrawal is a positive step which is considered an introduction to a viable Palestinian state, “We are working with all parties to achieve this, this withdrawal should be followed by further withdrawals in the occupied West Bank”, he added.

The Palestinian Authority is demanding Israel to open the Rafah terminal and to be under a Palestinian control. Egyptian officials are trying to negotiate with Israel and the P.A in order to achieve a deal regarding this issue.

Mu’asher added that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza should be considered an introduction to implementing all the requirements of the Road Map Plan.