The Disengagement from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank won’t have any genuine impact on the Palestinian people, especially their economy. Control over land, sea and air will remain in Israel’s hands and border crossings will continue to be manned by Israeli soldiers.

In addition, every single good, coming to the occupied Palestinian territories will be controlled by Israeli custom officers.

Unless such issues are solved, the Palestinian economy will sink further into recession, and the Palestinians will become much more vulnerable to poverty and unemployment.

Politically speaking, the territories that Israel is about to leave following prolonged years of occupation and exploitation, will have to be renamed, whether occupied or freed, a question difficult to answer, as the Israelis insist that such a withdrawal is unilateral and I agree with them!!!.

Security, which appears to be the main reason for Israel had decided to leave the ‘trouble-making’ Gaza Strip, will further deteriorate, as resistance-oriented Palestinian organizations are determined to continue fighting despite such a ‘unilateral move’.

Thus Israel will have to stand firm against such a resistance if it takes place from the ‘freed land’, therefore, the Palestinian refugees, mainly in the northern West Bank and the northern Gaza Strip, will pay a high price.

So, Israeli citizens’ security will be as fragile as ever, continuing in the same cycle of violence and counter violence.

Even the Palestinian national security will get weaker than ever, for the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) will stand helpless, facing its own people on one hand and the Israeli much harsher attacks, on the other.

Palestinian domestic violence also likely to erupt if the PNA will be ‘forced’ to encounter those advocating resistance against the occupation, which will continue in different parts of the occupied Palestinian territories, where settlement activities will increase much more than before the Israeli ‘fake’ evacuation of a handful of settlers from a small part of Palestinian land.

Exploiting such a ‘painful concession’, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government, has already started its covert and overt normalization talks with some Arab and Islamic countries including the latest conditional normalization with Pakistan.

For the Palestinians, so far nothing is clear; no concrete changes have been seen, and Israeli violence has been ongoing, especially in the West Bank as five Palestinians including three children were killed by Israeli undercover soldiers in Tulkarem recently.

In the final analysis, Palestinians seem to be the losing party, though Israel has already begun its disengagement from parts of the occupied territories, which the legitimate international resolutions define as occupied lands, which must be totally evacuated according to United Nations resolutions 338 and 242.