“The Independent” British newspaper reported Israel is considering allowing forces which belong to the European Union to deploy along the Philadilphi route, on the Gaza-Egypt border.

The paper reported that Israel is considering the deployment the E.U forces along the Philadilphi route, in light to what was described as escalation in violence there.

According to the report, EU and Israel officials are expected to meet in the coming days to discuss this issue; Israel repeatedly rejected any presence of international forces in the area.

Meanwhile, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said that P.A forces managed to control the borders and sealed them off.

Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, demanded the P.A and Egypt to control the situation at the borders after claiming that arms and ammunition were smuggled into the Gaza Strip.

Also, “The Independent” quoted the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mark Regev, saying that “Israel and other parties need to find a solution to control the Rafah border Crossing”.

“We must prevent the Rafah Crossing from becoming a place for smuggling explosives and weapons”, Regev said.

“There are people who want to strengthen Hamas and the Islamic Jihad”, Regev stated, “The challenge is providing the Palestinians with maximum freedom of movement, and to control the security risks”.

“So far, Israel has not agreed to any deployment of a third party, we still have to finalize what the arrangement would be”.

Palestinian Chief Negotiator, Dr. Saeb Erekat said that the P.A does not object to the presence of E.U supervisors.

“The Europeans are acceptable to us”, Erekat said, “We want to make sure there is a freedom of movement to the residents, vehicles, and goods without endangering the Israeli security”, Erekat said.

The E.U offered providing the P.A advanced equipment for the inspection of goods at the border crossing, or the deployment of its forces along the borders.