In an article published on Sunday by the Israeli daily ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’, Israeli Reservist Brig. Oudid Tairah, said that the Jordan Valley is more important to Israel than the other areas it had occupied in or before 1967.

The Jordan Valley is regarded as a strategic red line that couldn’t be ceded being a vital Israeli defense line to protect Israel against any possible attack, he added.

Also, Tairah cautioned Tel Aviv of withdrawing from that area, because, ‘Israel would have no solid borders to defend if it did so

‘The general tendency towards a political settlement with the Palestinians, the stable situation in Jordan, the presence of the US troops in Iraq, and the weakness of the Syrian army, would make the Valley of little importance. However, a long-term strategy couldn’t be laid down granting such special conditions would continue forever,’ Tairah added.


He finally concluded that Israel would encounter great dangers in case it relinquished that Valley.