Sheikh Mohammad Ghazal, one of Hamas political leaders in Nablus, denied reports that the movement modified its internal charter which calls for the destruction of Israel, and added that the movement will not negotiate with Israel.

The statements of Ghazal came in contradictory to reports which quoted him saying that the movement expressed readiness to change its charter and hold talks with Israel.

“What was published is part of what I said”, Ghazal stated, “I said that the movement could change some sections of its covenant depending on the global changes, and the general situation in Palestine”.

“Such a decision will be made after internal talks, without any external pressures”, he stated “the movement might change some sections or certain points depending on the global changes”.

Also, Ghazal added that the movement will not change its basic principles concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and will not change its visions and beliefs.

“Our struggle against the occupation will not stop, recognizing Israel or not is an internal issue, the occupation is still there, even if they change its name”

Also, Ghazal added that negotiations between “enemies” are normal issues, “but it is too early to talk about negotiations with Israel, since it still does not recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people”.