An Israeli source reported that the Jerusalem District Court sentenced on Thursday, an Israeli border Policeman to four and a half years for “assisting in abusive acts” that led to the death of a 17 –year old youth from Hebron.

The soldier was convicted in a plea-bargain reached with the court on Thursday.

Resident Amran Abu Hamdiyya, 17, was killed in December 2002, after soldiers abducted and abused him.

The soldier, Bassam Wahbi, 22, from Daliat Al Carmel, is the first of three other border policemen to be sentenced in connection to the same case. 

The three other policemen involved in the case were identified as Shahar Butbika, 22, from Bnei Brak, Yanai Lalzeh, 24, from Nahariya and Dennis al-Hazub, 22 from Be’er Sheva.

Wahbi served in 2002 as a jeep driver in Hebron area; the three other soldiers abducted Abu Hamdiyya, abused him, brutally beat and injured him, the indictment sheet reads, “After abusing Abu Hamdiyya, they threw him out of the moving jeep that Wahbi was driving, which led to the death of the youth”.