The chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority, Dr. Saeb Erekat, described the current Israeli escalation in the Palestinian territories as result of the overstepping of some Palestinian factions against the Palestinian Authority’s sovereignty and the law, the International Press Center reported on Monday.

Ereikat said these violations ‘started since the factions realize that the Palestinian Authority is against any civil war and that shedding the Palestinian blood is a red line and holy.”

He described the downfall that occurred in the Palestinian territories as too dangerous and comes from worse to worst, inviting the international community to interfere to stop this downfall and to practice pressure on Israel to stop aggressions against the Palestinian people, including the bombardment, assassinations and arrests, Israel is carrying out in the West Bank and more intensively in the Gaza Strip.

Ereikat accused Israel of brushing away all the international efforts to stop these incidents, expressing fear of the PA to be unable to face that unless the international community interferes to put an end to the Israeli aggressions immediately.

He remarked that that the events in Gaza have negatively affected the donor countries’ encouragement to invest and fund projects in Gaza Strip after the Israeli withdrawal.

Ereikat made it clear clarifying that the donor countries told the Palestinian Authority that they couldn’t imagine investing money in projects targeted by the Israeli air strikes.

On Sunday Hamas declared that no attacks against Israeli targets will be launched from the Gaza Strip stressing its commitment to the declared calm reached by the Palestinian factions after their talks in Cairo last March.

Hamas on the other hand made clear that halting attacks from the Gaza Strip and ending the public display of weapon in the Palestinian areas, do not mean stopping the resistance or disarming the movement.