Israeli under-cover military units, members of the Nahshon division, broke on Tuesday afternoon, into the cells of Al Maskobiyya detention facility, and attacked the detainees.

Detainee Khalil Hoshiyyah, who was transferred to Al Maskobiyya 327 days ago, said that soldiers forced the detainees to undress, and threw their clothes in the toilets.

Soldiers searched the rooms and cells at the detention facilities, and searched the beds and belongings of the detainees.

Also, detainee Mohammad Hasan Eshtewi, 24, stated that he was attacked by an interrogator known as Abu Yousef.

Abu Yousef was pulling the hair of Eshtewi and hit his head against the wall while insulting him. 

Eshtewi was left naked in the cell for a whole day, without any food, while the soldiers turned the air-conditioning on to a very cold level; he suffered diarrhea and other problems in his stomach and bowels, while the soldiers refused to provide him with any medical treatment.