Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, denied the presence of internal conflicts regarding its position towards the upcoming Palestinian Legislative Elections slated for January, 25, 2006.Hamas media spokesperson, Mosheer Al Masry, said that the movement believes that the elections should be held without any further delays, and that the movement does not have any internal conflicts regarding this issue.

Al Masry accused Fateh movement of trying to manipulate the timing of the elections for what he described as “personal gains which do not correspond with the Palestinian national interests”.

Also, Al Masry slammed the decision of the elections committee to conduct the municipal elections in Palestinian areas which are subjected too Israeli invasions and arrest campaigns.

“Fateh and the Palestinian Authority should act in accordance to the Palestinian national interests”, Al Masry said, “They should stop manipulating the timing of the elections in order to achieve personal gains, there is no excuse for delaying them”.

Al Masry added that there are no arrangements in the current time to hold meeting between the Palestinian factions, in Cairo, and added that if such a meeting is be held, it would be by the end of this year.