Hasan Kreisha, deputy head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) said, on Saturday, that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, did not instruct the Legislative Council to delay the formation of a new government until he returns to the country.

Khreisha stated that the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ahmad Qurei, only said that no changes will be conducted to the current government, and “ignored the decision of the PLC which called the President to form a new government within two weeks”.

Khreisha added that the PLC froze a no-confidence notion, and asked Abbas to form the government, but it is capable of reactivating the decision if the government was not formed.

Also, Khreisha reported that the PLC is facing numerous challenges, but it insists to defend its decisions which should be implemented by the Authority.

“We tried to reach understandings regarding the implementation of the decisions”, Khreisha said, “but we didn’t arrive to any positive outcome”.

October 17, the council will hold a decisive session regarding this issue; the session will mark the beginning of additional sessions which could determine the fate of the Palestinian government.