The Palestinian Ministry of Interior and National Security reported on Monday at night that Hamas movement admitted to it’s responsibly for the Jabalia explosion which left 22 Palestinians killed, and dozens injured.

The ministry stated that extensive investigations carried out by the movement among its members revealed that the movement was directly responsible for the explosion, and that it will “compensate” the families of the killed and injured residents.

Also, the ministry said that the investigation committee discovered that there have been internal conflicts in Hamas as a result of the contradictory statements announced by their political leadership and leaders of the military wings.

The investigation committee reported that several Hamas leaders and members objected to the higher leadership of the movement in order to aid the investigation and reveal the truth.

“This also made the movement admit to the wrong way it handled the crises, which negatively affected the image of the movement among the public”, the committee added.

The explosion took place on Friday September 23, 2005, as Hamas fighters were parading in Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. 22 residents were killed, and 120 were injured in the blast, 20 seriously.