Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that the American President George Bush is pushing the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas in order to confront the resistance groups and dismantle them.

The movement said that Bush is trying to put pressure on Abbas and the Palestinian Authority in order to create an internal Palestinian conflict and weaken the resistance factions.

During his meeting with Abbas at the White House, Bush called on Abbas to dismantle the resistance factions, namely Hamas, in order to advance the Road Map plan after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip last month.

Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas media spokesperson, said that Bush’s call is part of the American- Israeli pressures on Abbas on order to force him fight Hamas and create internal conflicts which would weaken the P.A and the resistance factions.

Meanwhile, U.S. State Department official, Alberto Fernandez, told senior Palestinian officials in Ramallah during a video chat that Hamas movement must decide whether it “wants to kill and practice terror activities, or participate in the civilian life”.

A senior Palestinian source reported that the Palestinians are disappointed by Bush especially after the P.A was not able to receive any commitment from him regarding a timetable regarding a timetable for the negotiations.

“Such a position may keep the concept of a Palestinian independent state, as viewed by Bush, as a general concept without a timetable and actual support on the ground”, the source said.

Also, the source said that the Palestinians hope that Bush would pressure Israel in order to release Palestinian detainees, and other gestures which would encourage the peace process and boost the peace camp ahead of the Palestinian legislative elections.