Residents and peace activists in Bil’in village, west of Ramallah, invented a new way in countering a Robot which the army started using against them during the weekly peaceful protests against the Separation Wall.

This Robot approaches the protestors and fires at them from a close range without the need to have soldiers in direct contact with the protestors.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, the coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall reported that Palestinian, Israeli and international peace activists carried a huge Palestinian flag while one protestors, wearing black clothes, and cut the flag into two pieces using a big scissor.

Abu Rahma stated that the scissor and the man dressed in black resemble the Separation Wall which divides the Palestinian areas and separates the residents from each other and from their orchards.

Also, Abu Rahma said that the soldiers placed some artificial targets for the Robot to fire at, apparently in an attempt to find a new way to counter the protestors.

Soldiers fired rubber-coated bullets, gas bombs and concussion grenades at the protestors in an attempt to bar them from reaching the construction site; one youth, identified as Mohammad Khaleel, 18, was injured by a rubber-coated bullet.

 Hundreds of Israeli and International peace activists gathered in the village since early morning hours on Friday in order to participate in the protest, before the army closed the area and the three entrances of the village.

Soldiers repeatedly invaded the village, broke into dozens of homes and arrested several residents in an attempt to stop the protests against the Separation Wall, especially after these peaceful protests, faced by soldiers’ violence, managed to draw local, Israeli and international attention and coverage.