Eilat police safely detonated, on Friday afternoon, a LAW missile in the Hotel District in the southern Israeli city of Eilat.

An Israeli police source in Eilat reported that the police are investigating the incident, and that it is still unclear if it was related to a crime in the Israeli resort city.

The missile, which was ready for use, was found by a taxi driver who informed the police which in return alerted the sappers who safely detonated it.

Police investigators took finger prints from the rocket before detonating it, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

Avi Asulin, Eilat Police spokesman, said that an investigation was launched to determine the circumstances of the incident, and that the investigators are trying to examine if any “leading crime figures” were in Eilat at the time of the incident.

Israeli police found, three days ago, an armed rocket and other weapons, at an intersection in Be’er Sheva-Arab road, south of Israel.

The Israeli Negev Police suspect that the weapons were to be used against, Yitzhak Aberjil, a crime kingpin in Israel as he traveled along the road.

Also, two months ago, a LAW missile was fired from an apartment building in Jaffa. Israeli police believe that the rocket was aimed at another apartment, and that it was fired as part of wars between crime families in Jaffa.

Another LAW missile was uncovered three years ago at the Morasha highway interchange in central Israel, Haaretz reported, the police believe that the missile was intended to be fired at the vehicle of underworld chief Ze’ev Rosenstein.