The number of the Palestinian killed by the Israeli army since the outbreak of Al-Aqsa Intifada on 29-9-2000 until 30 September 2005 arrived to 4172, whereas the number of injured residents arrived to 8435.

A report prepared and published by the Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC) which belongs to the State Information Service (S.I.S) at the Palestinian National Authority, revealed that the number of children killed during the Intifada arrived to 783.

732 Palestinians were killed as a result of air-strikes carried out by the army, among them 269 females, and 344 members of the P.A security devices.

844 students and teachers were killed, 350 residents were assassinated, and 139 sick residents died as a result of Israeli procedures of closure and checkpoints.

59 residents were killed by settlers during attacks against the Palestinian areas.

36 medics, 9 members of the civil defense department, 9 journalists and 220 athletes were killed.                                                                                                                                           

The number of the detainees who still imprisoned in Israeli prisons and detention facilities is 8600, 580 of them were arrested before the outbreak of A-Aqsa Intifada. Whereas, the number of school and university students who were arrested arrived to 1389.

288 children, 205 teachers and employees of the Ministry of High Education are still imprisoned. 

1000 male detainees suffer chronic diseases, while the number of the female detainees arrived to 115.

Also, the PNIC report revealed that 71470 homes were completely or partially damaged; 7628 homes, including 4785 homes in Gaza, were completely leveled. The number of homes which were partially damaged arrived to 63842, including 23622 homes in the Gaza Strip.                                               

Number of public sector and security facilities which were completely and partially destroyed arrived to 645. 

Israeli soldiers closed during the Intifada 12 universities and schools. 316 institutions which belong to the Ministry of education were shelled and taken over by the Israeli army.

Violations against the agricultural sector left 76867 Dunams of farmland bulldozed; 1355290 trees were uprooted, 770 agricultural stores leveled. Also, soldiers destroyed 31263 Dunams of irrigation nets and 403 water wells.
Number of the farmers who sustained loses as a result of the Israeli aggressions arrived to 61195, where the number of the swept-away arboretums arrived to 16, in addition to damaging 16 tractors and various agricultural instruments.

Number of shops and stores which were totally demolished since 1-10-2001 to 30-September 2005 arrived to 9130.

The report also revealed that 899776 broilers perished and 350292 layers.14749 sheep and goats and 12132 caws and cattle were killed. 15265 bee hives were havocked. 404 wells with their accessories were demolished; in addition 207 houses which belong to the farmers.

Total number of farmlands which were annexed for the construction of the Separation Wall since 29-3-2002 arrived to 240545 Dunams.

17 industrial facilities were damaged during military operations carried out by the army in the occupied territories.